One of the things that is helping me in the writing, is speaking with people about the themes of the book. I’m starting to collect these conversations in a series of podcast. Every episode ┬áis work in progress, scratch notes, which I will use to advance in my story.

In this podcast we discuss the concept of Tinderpolitics.

Tinderpolitics explores the differences between gay dating apps, such as Grindr, and straight dating apps, such as Tinder, through the actual encounter, dialogue, and unpack social and political agendas that each of them entail. In times where one’s desires are just a swipe away, the model that satisfies the public of short attention span seems to be applicable also to other sides of life, such as different types of voting systems and opinion pools.

The world of dating apps might seem rather homogenous at the first sight, but different apps represent different strategies and intensity of encounter, and thus different agendas behind it, narratives unveiled during the performance. Through the apps, the relationship between consciousness and sensibility is transformed and the exchange of signs undergoes a process of increasing desensitazion, moving from the realm of conjunction to the one of connection, seen as the punctual and repeatable interaction of algorithmic functions.

The podcast has been produced in the frame of the performance “Tinderpolitics” together with Liva Dudareva & Eduardo Cassina, from METASITU (www.metasitu.com).


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